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The Senate Hearing Room - Soundstage Set

This is one of the major sets that I was excited to build for Season 4. The Hart Senate Office Building Hearing Room was called for in the script this season by name. When I asked which room, the Producer said "the large one". I thought: really? So, I started my research and got the set designers to begin the process of drawing it. I wanted to explore my options for which soundstage in Budapest could contain this massive set and what we could build on the same stage. After many revisions and deliberation with my team, I chose the White House Oval Office set and the Senate Hearing Room to share a soundstage. For this set, we chose to replicate Room 216, the location in the Senate Building for the Supreme Court Nominees. The large marble wall was a challenge, but we figured out a way to do it through vinyl graphics. Additionally, we built the large exterior hallways that lead to the Senate Room.

Besides the sets on Pirates of the Caribbean, this set may be one of the largest single-stage sets that I have been involved in the creation of. Here is a viewing of a bit of the progress through design, illustrations, and set photos.

The Wukong Casino

I know that I said that the Senate Hearing Room was a large set, but then they came up the idea of the Wukong Casino. It was supposedly located in Myanmar, which is quite a different look than Hungary. We scouted small and older casinos around Budapest for this location. However, they weren't a great fit. Then, we found a great location in the Canary Islands. We believed that we could turn the Magma Art & Congress Convention Center into a perfect casino that matched the scale of the Jack Ryan Series. The Exterior of the Casino, Entrance, Lobby and Bar Area we shot at a nearby practical location in the Canary Islands named Hotel Baobab, a quite spectacular hotel.

Take a look below at the undressed location photos, concept art and still images that this fantastic crew from around the world created on practical locations.

Timelapse of Install

The Oval Office - Soundstage Set

Even though I have done a few White House Oval Office sets from previous movies in the U.S.A., this is the first one that we attempted from scratch overseas. But our team was able to pull it off with the effort from great craftsmen in Budapest. It required handmade molds for all of the doorways and arches, truly great work. Take a look at the process below.

Sets on location in the Canary Islands

Here are some locations in the Canary Islands that we used for several sets as Yucatán, Mexico and Lagos, Nigeria. Here are three of them that we went in and transformed for our shoot. Take a look at the process.